Countdown to Sunset Series: Off-road

Event Description

This is a cycling challenge ride like no other.

You choose 25 or 50 miles and your route to the respective checkpoint and back or use our electronic mapped route. Mother Nature has set the Sunset. We start the Sunset Countdown timer with five hours to go. You choose your start time to finish before the Sunset Countdown Timer runs out.

One second after the Sunset Countdown timer finishes and you’re out – all that effort wasted.

One second inside the Sunset Countdown timer and you’re a superstar – but did you leave to early before Sunset? How late dare you wait?

Use the Sunset Countdown Round 1 as your benchmark. Leave later in Round 2 and set a new Sunset Countdown Personal Best. More peer group & Strava kudos, better personal satisfaction and that elation of improving your best.
Sometimes the simplest things are the toughest challenges…


Plan your own route

Event Info

Sunset times
Saturday 16 March: 18:00
Saturday 5 Oct: 18:23

  • Start and finish in Norwich at a venue yet to be confirmed and ride along Marriotts Way
  • Start when you like – The event village will be open from midday
  • Collect your wristband from the mandatory half way point
  • Beat the clock to arrive back before Sunset - How late dare you wait? Kudos to the rider or team that starts the latest but still gets home by sunset.
  • All routes include drink and food at the finish.
  • No mechanical assistance en-route – so take your own spares. We’ll be on call with a Broomwagon to collect you and your bike if you can’t continue due to medical/mechanical failure

Lights and spares compulsory.

50 mile – Aylsham & back
25 mile – Whitwell & back

Be aware of and be courteous and considerate to other users;

  • Event participants, even if racing on foot, do not have priority;
  • On bridleways, cyclists must give way to walkers and horse-riders by law (Section30 Countryside Act 1968);
  • Racing of bikes on a public highway (e.g.bridleway) including ‘against the clock’ or riding recklessly or without due care and attention is a criminal offence. (Roadtraffic Act 1988, sections 66-69).