Adnams Medal-a-Month Launches


Everybody loves a good medal and some added inspiration to keep riding. Well we have invented just the ticket. Welcome to the Adnams May Medal-a-Month challenge.

Just set your mileage goal for the month, ride where you like, with whom you like and at the speed you like. Ride indoors or outdoors or in the gym. Reach or better your goal and collect your medal. We can automatically capture your mileage from our Strava club page every week or you can put your mileage claim in weekly and we will keep tabs on progress. We will also keep you up-to-date with tips and inspiration along the way to ensure you on track and smash your target. We will be right alongside you all the way.

Sign-up for a year and get the centre piece for free to complete this wonderful collection. Now that is inspirational.

Choose the 21, 100, 200 or 400+ mile distance to really challenge yourself and we’ll give you the motivation, encouragement and even the routes to help you achieve it. Our member’s only facebook group will give you the rides, competitions and community feel of a club, together with the accountability and friendly competition that our Strava Clubs offer as you complete your challenge with your peers. Each challenge is 4 weeks long and runs Monday to Sunday so won’t always start on the 1st of every month.

On completion of each monthly challenge, you receive a certificate and medal. All 12 medals are designed to interlock to produce a fantastic cycling work of art. Your medal ribbon corresponds to your challenge distance so you are motivated to really push the boundaries through the year and work up to 400+ miles a month. Start Purple, go Orange and roar through Green and add a couple of Red ribbons along the way.

If you decide to buy all 12 months in advance, not only do you get the centre-piece we also enter you into our Annual Accumulator at no extra cost. We keep tabs on all mileage you’ve completed during our monthly challenges and send you rewards for attaining milestone distances.

500 miles – neckwarmer

1000 miles – t-shirt

2500 miles – t-shirt

5000 miles – t-shirt

If you prefer to choose the months you can ride, the  Annual Accumulator is available to purchase as an optional extra (any time during the year) for £15.

Contact us for more details

Entries open 2 weeks before each monthly challenge starts.


Start collecting today.