Using your own bike, a Precision Fit will enable it to be set-up it in the right position for you as an individual. Our hands-on approach using the same Trek Precision Fit principles and theories as used by the Trek Segafredo Race Teams, we will ensure you are in the optimum position for your bio-mechanical ability. 

Using equipment such as laser levels to check alignment, goniometers to check angles, the Bontrager Saddle Sizer and the Selle Italia idmatch Smart Caliper for pelvis analysis, the Bontrager inForm BioDynamic Arch sizer and Selle Italia ismatch cleat fit system for lower leg and foot assessment along with the GebioMized PadFit system, our Precision Fit Services will ensure a precise and accurate fit, appropriate to each individual rider to help you perform to your full potential.

setup & Go check

This service is a quick measure-up and check of your current riding position. We’ll make basic height adjustments to key areas of the bike such as seat and bars. The service is aimed at the novice, low mileage rider, to improve comfortability and injury prevention.


Bronze precision fit

Our Bronze Precision Fit service is aimed at the novice rider who is looking to refine their riding position to get a little more out of their bike and making the transition to cleat/pedals for the first time. To improve comfort, performance and injury prevention – we will examine saddle and bar height and position, foot and knee placement and body mass rotation.


silver precision fit

The Silver Precision Fit package is aimed at the more experienced rider who maybe has a goal in mind whether is completing their first sportive or just looking to increase distance. It is also recommended for riders who may be experiencing the first signs of cycling discomfort but is relatively injury free.


gold precision fit

During this comprehensive three hour long session, you will be provided with an extensive analysis of all aspects of your riding position. It is designed to improve comfort, pedalling efficiency and to eliminate any bike-related discomfort. It is highly recommended for any rider that has any kind of substantial injury history which may affect their alignement and posture and/or is suffering from significant on-the-bike discomfort.


Platinum precision fit

Our Platinum Precision Fit package is especially for Time Trialists or Triathletes. This object of this fit is to get you as aerodynamic and comfortable as possible. This extensive fit session will include all the checks that are included in our Gold Precision Fit package along with an additional upper body assessment an aero TT cockpit analysis. This service is recommended for anyone who is riding a TT/Triathlon specific bike or road bike equipped with clip-on aero bars.