New Shoes? Or have you just changed cleat type? Then our cleat alignment services is a perfect way to get the most out of your new shoes and have comfort for miles of riding. Our Bike Fit experts will help you achieve all your cyclings goals and a cleat alignment can be the perfect solution. 

We offer 2 levels of cleat alignments which lets you decide on what type of service you want to go for. Our Bike Fit experts can help you decide on which service is right for you and which can suit your issues. 

Bronze Cleat alignment

New shoes? New Cleats? Our Bronze cleat alignment service will quickly find the best possible resting position on your pedals. By using the Selle Italia idmatch Cleat Fit system, our bike fitting team are able to capture accurate foot measurements and use this data to obtain the exact position for the cleat beneath the shoe, ensuring perfect alignment between the pedal axis, the cleat and the cyclist’s foot


silver cleat alignment

Our Silver Cleat Alignment service not only aims to find the perfect alignment between the pedal axis, cleat and cyclist’s foot utilising the Selle Italia idmatch Cleat Fit System, but also uses the Bontrager Foot Bed Analysis tools to address potential foot issues and enhance pedalling performance.

Our bike fitters will also mount your bike on a turbo to incorporate a simple Set-up and  Go check


Whether you’re new to cycling, looking at moving to cleats for the first time, participating in your first cycling event, suffering from on-the-bike discomfort, an experienced cyclist or looking at refining your position for performance efficiency, we have a Cleat Alignment package suitable for everyone!

From our basic Bronze Cleat package through to the Silver Package, our qualified Precision Fit Technicians can help you get more miles out of your ride by optimising your ride position. A Cleat Alignment will help get your foot and knee placement perfect on your bike so yo can experience comfort on your bike, whilst increasing efficiency and greatly reducing the risk of inury, pain and discomfort.