Pedal Revolution E-Bike Experience


Pedal Revolution is committed to offering you the best service around. Now you can be professionally sized for your new e-bike, enjoy a test ride on roads you know well and ask an expert all those questions that seem to evaporate when you walk into a showroom !

Pedal Revolution’s new e-bike experience brings some of the worlds best e-bikes to you at home.

Our qualified ride leaders will be delighted to accompany you on a test ride and help build your confidence on the e-bike and offer you jargon-free expert independent advice of which bike best suits  your reasons for buying a new e-bike.

Ebikes are great for Everyone, Everyday. Whether it is a sweat free commute, building your leisure miles, tackling a big adventure, storming the off-road tracks or just using some extra mph to keep up with more experienced and accomplished riders, Ebikes now offer it all. Don’t take our word for it, try one (or two or three) for yourself with a local trusted cycling bus

We’re your local bike people

Pedal Revolution established over 25 years ago. They have been passionately serving the local cycling community since. With an experienced and knowledgeable team. Pedal Revolution offers the confidence that comes with the established track record being in the cycle industry.

Wherever you are we can be too

Pedal Revolution is a local company that has been established in the local area for over 25 years. With our local shops you are never far away to find a local friendly mechanic or team member to assist with any enquiries. We have our brand new Mobile E-Bike Experience ready to book onto now…  Find your experience here 


We’ll take care of you

We are now offering an amazing 2 years servicing packages through any Pedal Revolution store. With selected E-Bikes coming with limited lifetime warranty on the E-Bikes you will have total peace of mind.  Read about our 2 year FREE Servicing