Trek FX and FX Sport – The most popular hybrid bike in the world

Trek FX and FX Sport

The perfect balance of fitness and fun

FX is the most popular hybrid bike in the world for good reason. Go for a cruise, get a workout in, pull your kids, ride to work, run errands – this comfortable, reliable bike truly does it all.

Why you’ll love FX and FX Sport

FX and FX Sport are fast, fun, comfortable and agile bikes for however you like to ride. Plus, it’s easy to customise your FX to suit your style by adding a rack, fenders, lights and more.

FX is a perfect bike for commuting, exploring local bike paths, or even training for a longer charity or century ride. The robust FX lineup offers a range of models with particular strengths and purposes that ensure there’s a perfect option for everyone.

This simple guide is a starting point in answering the question—which FX is right for me? Find your rider profile below, and visit the store to grab yours or place an order via Click&Collect online.

Trek FX Bikes For Sale

Cruise, workout, get outside

If you’re looking for incredible value along with the utility to haul essential items and the performance to include some riding in your workout routine, these models are an excellent place to start.

Aluminium frames feature a comfortable riding position and are lightweight yet affordable. You’ll cruise along your favourite weekend loop effortlessly with enough cash leftover for an ice cream after every ride. Durable wheels stand up to rougher riding surfaces, while integrated mounts allow you to easily install racks, mudguards, kickstands, and lights so that everything you need for your commute or shopping trip is conveniently along for the ride.

These models are perfect for everyday trips and the occasional longer ride. Riders planning to take longer rides more often will appreciate the additional performance features of FX 3, which include a larger gear range, lighter and faster tires, and a vibration-damping handlebar and grip’s.

Trek FX Fitness Bike

Perform, train, go the distance

Enthusiasts who are hoping to ride longer distances, put a serious dent in their fitness goals, or simply love riding fast also have great options in the FX lineup. Sport models offer incredibly lightweight frames—especially FX S 5 and S 6, which feature Trek’s high-performance 400 Series OCLV Carbon—along with a more aerodynamic riding position ideal for maintaining speed.

Powerful flat-mount hydraulic disc brakes provide ample stopping power in any conditions, and all sport models feature a wide gear range that’s ready to rip up the open road and conquer the steepest climbs. Blendr stems allow you to easily attach a computer or smartphone directly to the handlebars, and DuoTrap S compatibility makes keeping track of your fitness goals the easiest part of your workout.

Think of FX Sport models as versatile road bikes with flat handlebars. They’re ready to ride and train as hard as you are.

Commute, explore, ride anywhere

Adventurous types and committed commuters will find FX Disc models to be the best match for their do-anything attitude. Disc brakes provide superior stopping power and continue to work well in inclement weather and when dirty, meaning there are fewer limits to when and where you can ride.
More capability allows the FX Disc rider the option to take their bike beyond the pavement, and the weather will never again be an excuse not to ride. Throw some mudguards and racks on for an all-weather adventure machine that’s ready to explore all weekend. Even if you’re simply looking for a reliable commuter, opt for disc brakes if you live in a wet climate or spend most of your time riding gravel bike paths.

The advantages of disc brakes shouldn’t be reserved for only the most dedicated riders, so nearly every FX model is offered in a disc option.

Women’s-specific models

Back in 2000, Trek was the first manufacturer to release a full line of bikes designed specifically for women. We’ve been at it ever since, and those years of experience inform the design of the entire FX Women’s lineup.

One of the things we’ve learned is that there isn’t a bike that’s perfect for women across the board. Any bike a woman rides is a women’s bike. That said, FX Women’s models include more than distinct paint schemes. Touchpoints are the parts of the bike that you come in direct contact with, and they play a major role in determining your comfort level while riding. Women’s models come stock with saddles, grips, and handlebars that are designed and sized to be more comfortable for most women.

Visit your local retailer and test-ride a few women’s-specific and mainline models to see which look and feel you prefer. With so many choices, you’re sure to find an FX that fits you perfectly.

Trek FX Mens and Womens Bikes