Introducing the alll new Specialized S-Works Ares Road Shoes

The S-Works Ares strikes the ultimate balance between unprecedented power transfer and all-day comfort by utilizing our entirely new, patent-pending closure architecture. By triangulating retention and spreading out pressure over a larger surface area, it essentially eliminates foot roll, so you can lock in and power up for more speed.

But explosive speed should only be uncomfortable for the competition. This new closure system is combined with a Dyneema®-reinforced tongueless sock, eliminating impingement on the tendons for supreme comfort. Comprehensive testing on power output and acceleration validated the S-Works Ares’ power delivery—our pressure mapping studies verified a 20% increase in contact surface compared to a traditional closure system, delivering a fit that is more secure AND more comfortable.

“When I slip my feet into the Ares, it’s like putting on slippers next to the fire.’’
Julian Alaphilippe, Deceuninck – Quick-Step

Fundamental to the design of the S-Works Ares is Body Geometry—optimizing hip, knee, and foot alignment—to boost power, increase efficiency, and reduce the chance of injury. This is performance our athletes can feel.

‘’At the Tour this year, I was worried one of the other sprinters was going to have the S-Works Ares shoes before me, I know it makes a difference.’’
Sam Bennett, Deceuninck – Quick-Step

Sam put the S-Works Ares equipped World Championship-winning FACT Powerline™ carbon outsole with a stiffness index of 15.0 to good use, taking the Green Jersey at this year’s Tour de France.

Finish line, town line, throwdown, any time. The S-Works Ares is 1% faster than any shoe we’ve ever made, and at the finish line, that’s all that matters.

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