Rather be riding than cleaning? Treat yourself and your beloved bike to the Pedal Revolution Valet treatment from our menu of pampering treatments.

Whether it’s a quick post ride valet while you wait with a cuppa from our bean to cup coffee machine, or you are picking and mixing our Bike Valet Treatment with a Service Package, we have the attention to detail and care to look after your machine and ensure it’s ready for it’s next ride.

All Treatments can be carried out at any of our locations. Please contact your local store to arrange an appointment or use our form below.

declog your cog

Riding at the weekend? Take the hassle out of winter riding and ride smoothly through the worst the weather can chuck at us. Just another little helping hand from us to keep you motivated! Our workshop are offering an express service to help keep your wheels turning and your chain and mech winter-gunge free over the less clement part of the year. Treat yourself to a warming cup of joe from our bean to cup coffee machine while you wait


Bronze treatment

Like the declog your cog service, our workshop team will remove your chain and cassette; clean and degrease them using our professional component cleaner and then reinstall them and apply lubrication while also checking and adjusting your rear derailleur gear indexing. As part of the Bronze service we will also fully clean and dry your bike frame, leaving your bike the envy of your clubmates on your next club ride. 


silver Treatment

Opt for our Silver Valet Treatment package and your bike will be lovingly to all the cleaning services you would receive in our Bronze Valet Treatment. In addition we will pay specific attention to the hotbed of built up grim and dirt, you rear derailleur gears. Cleaning and maintenance of these not only improves gear changing performance but also prolongs their life of the gears and your chain.


gold Treatments

Why not treat your beloved bike to the full Gold Valet Treatment? A full degrease and clean from cassette to crankset. We will carefully remove your chain, cassette, derailleur gears, and chainset from your bike and thoroughly de-grime, clean and dry them using our professional component cleaner to give them an unrivalled level of cleanliness you can’t get by just using commercial products and elbow grease alone.


Thank your summer bike before you put into hibernation for the winter to ensure that it stays in pristine dirt and rust-free condition, ready for the spring. Or if you have a big race or event coming up then you can not only be the envy of the peloton / transition / etc … but also make sure none of your watts are wasted by running a super smooth drivetrain.