E-Bike Cleaning Do’s and Don’ts

Electric Bike Cleaning Do's and Dont's

You would naturally think Electric bikes and water is a massive no go but you may be surprised about how robust and resistant electric bikes are to cleaning. You can read below about the 3 simple steps that help you clean your E-Bike safely and quickly. 

You will need only simple items to clean your Electric bike efficiently and properly. 

  • Water 
  • Hose 
  • Soap / Bike Cleaner 
  • Sponge 
  • Degreaser 
  • Chain Lube 

The Prep

1 – Check your E-Bike manual on how much water your bike can resist. 

2 – Take off your display if you can, if not try to cover and protect best you can. 

3 – Remove the battery. Although your battery should be able to withstand some tough weather conditions like rain and snow, we advise you to take it off just to avoid issues.

The Clean

1 – Start washing with water. Avoid using a pressure washer to prolong life of the electronics and bearings.

2 – Scrub the dirt with a cloth or brush from hard-to-reach spots like pedals, or between forks and tires. Remember to clean the chain stays and behind the wheels.

3 – It’s OK if some water gets in the battery docking, they are designed with small internal drains and the plugs are covered with a particular material that protects them from moisture, corrosion, and general damage. (Please always refer to your E-Bike manual on what to do regarding your battery while cleaning).

4 – Clean the drivetrain with a bike degreaser (Chain, chainrings, cassette, derailleur). Give it some time to settle and clean it with a wet cloth. Remember to use a stiff brush to agitate and get all the grit and grime loose ready to wash away.

5 – If you want to clean the disc brakes, use disc brake cleaner. As other cleaners might limit the brake’s performance.

After Cleaning

1 – Wipe dry with a clean cloth and make sure you get in all those awkward to reach areas. 

2 – Pay special attention to the battery compartment. It needs to be completely dry before installing the battery.

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