How to Maintain your Bike

A basic guide on how to check your bike for general maintenance.

Keeping your bike roadworthy doesn’t need to be complicated. The following tips and tricks will help to keep everything in shape and prevent certain problems from developing in the long term.

What you’ll need:

  • A torque wrench
  • Some wet lube
  • And some dry lube!

If you’re missing anything, you can order everything on this list from our tools sections at

Get your bearings

Grab your tyres and push your wheels from side to side to see if there is any movement -if there is, your wheel bearings may need some attention.

Perform a saddle check

Slipping off a loose saddle while riding isn’t a pleasant experience, so check yours is nice and tight. Push it side to side and up and down and give it a tighten if it moves at all (if you have the torque setting for your seat post saddle clamp then use this to torque up the saddle

Brake test

Spin your wheel on pull on each brake separately. Braking should be firm, so if it takes a while for the wheel to slow down or things feel soft, your brakes may need some attention.

Solve that rattle

If your front forks shake when you ride or the front of the bike vibrates at all, then your headset probably needs to be tightened. Try pulling on your front brake and moving the bike back and forth -if the headset moves, then that’s the problem. Grab your torque wrench and tighten the four stem bolts to 5 Newton meters (unless otherwise stated)!

Silence squeaky chains

A squeaking chain is more than just annoying; it could be an indicator that there’s a problem that could cause an injury or damage to your bike. Turn a pedal backwards and listen for clicking or unusual sounds caused by friction. Try applying some lube (wet during winter, dry in the summer) to see if that solves the problem.

The bounce test

Pull on the front brake and bounce your bike up and down. If you hear anything out of the ordinary, something might be loose. Check all connections and nuts and bolts until you find the issue, or bring it into a Pedal Revolution store where we’ll check it’s safe to ride free of charge.

Give it a clean

Cleaning a dirty bike will not only make it look great, but also extend its lifespan. Grab some hot soapy water or even some specialist cleaner like Morgan Blue and give it a good scrub -just remember to dry it off to prevent rust.

If you don’t fancy taking your expensive bike apart or don’t know where to start when it comes to maintenance, head into your local Pedal Revolution store where one of our bike experts will be happy to do it for you for a small fee.

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