Bike Fit Studio OPEN NOW!

Precision Fit £49.99

– Saddle height and leg extension

– Saddle tilt, fore/aft and set-back

– Biodynamic pelvic pressure mapping, including sit-bone width

– Rider posture

– Cleat placement

– Biodynamic 3D foot profile and footbed assessment

– Knee placement and tracking

– Body Mass Rotation and Arm/Torso angle

– Shoulder width assessment

– Cockpit analysis including;

  1. handlebar height
  2. handlebar width
  3. stem length
  4. hood/lever set-up

Additional Services

Saddle Assessment – 30 mins – £24.99

– Saddle design

– BioDynamic Pelvic pressure mapping, including sit-bone width

– Selle Italia IDMatch saddle selection matching system:

  1. Hip width
  2. Thigh diameter
  3. Back flexibility and ROM (range of movement)

– Core stability

– Rider position/bike geometry

Saddle Set-Up Service (top-up service to Saddle Assessment)

– Inner leg length assessment

– Saddle height and leg extension

– Saddle Tilt, fore/aft and set-back

– Body Mass Rotation

Cleat Alignment – 30 mins – £24.99

-Selle Italia IDMatch cleat fit inlcuding;

  1. Foot length
  2. Foot width
  3. Metatarsal length
  4. Lower Leg laser lever assessment

– Biodynamic 3D foot Profile, footbed assessment and arch height

– Shoe fit assessment

Footbed Assessment – 15 mins – £4.99

– Biodynamic 3D foot profile, footbed assessment and Arch height

Handlebar replacement and re-taping – 30-45 mins – £24.99

Additional Studio – £25/half hour

Second Bike Set-up – 45 mins – £34.99

Follow-up Appointment – 45 mins – £34.99

COVID Guidelines


– Customers are required to arrive 15 minutes before your appointment time

– Customers need to arrive wearing their kit (changing room is currently out of service)

– Kit needs to be fresh and clean (i.e. please don’t ride here!)

– Customers will be required to wear a face mask throughout the fitting appointment and whilst in store

– Bikes will be ‘cleansed’ upon arrival

– Customers will need to use the hand sanitiser provided

– Customers will be temperature checked upon arrival

– Please follow social distancing guidelines

– Please do not attend your appointment if you are feeling unwell or anyone in your ‘bubble’ is unwell.

– Precision Fit Technicians will wear a mask throughout

– All studio equipment will be disinfected before, during and after fitting appointments

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