Pedal Revolution is supporting Gorleston in Gear 2017

he Pedal Revolution Team will be out in force to support this year’s Gorleston In Gear event. Join us at the Lower Esplanade on Sunday 12th March for this free family fun event.

We will be providing the following fun cycling themed activities (click on the links for more info):

  • Tour de Gorleston — A 60-75 minute bicycle tour around the cycle paths and quiet roads of Gorleston.
  • Gorleston In Gear Grand Giveaway — We’ve teamed up with the Gt Yarmouth Bike Project to help repair and rehome 10 donor bikes
  • Adventure Course — Boost your cycle skills on our adventure track, fully coached to cater for all ages and abilities.
  • Learn To Ride — 30 minute sessions for new riders.
  • Pre Ride — Try out our Strider bikes for the Under 5s.
  • Dr Bike — Free health checks and basic maintenance tips.
  • Electric Dreams — Discover the joys of electric boosted pedalling by test riding one of our demo fleet of electric bikes.

Tour de Gorleston

It may not be the glamour and razamataz of the Tour de France, but the inaugural Tour de Gorleston is the ideal way to kickstart your pedalling Summer and get active with friends and family. Our route will tour the town using cycle paths and quieter roads suitable for all ages and abilities. It will take you between 60 and 75 minutes and we have warm welcome for riders as they complete their Tour de Gorleston , cross the finish line to applause and adulation and pose for a celebratory picture on our winner’s podium. Every finisher is a winner in our eyes so expect a goodie bag and serious kudos from our Gorleston-in-Gear team — and your friends and family. For family riders, we have our treasure hunt quiz to add a competitive edge!

Grand Giveaway

Fancy a new bike for yourself or the family? Want to get active, get mobile and get your own wheels? The Great Yarmouth Bike Project has teamed up with the Gorleston-in-Gear crew to offer 10 local people an upcycled bike and coaching/training to get the most out of it. We provide a donor bike and all the parts you need, we will show you how to build your very own bike and look after it at our mobile workshop under the guidance and leadership of our trained mechanics.

Adventure Course

Riding safely is all about bike control, awareness and confidence. It can take years to learn these essential skills but on our specially designed Adventure Course we can boost your skills and confidence in just 10 minutes. Ride the see-saw, swoop around the banked corners, balance on the beam and squeeze under the limbo bars using simple and proven techniques that will sharpen your ability and raise your safety on the road for everyday riding. Whether you’re 8 or 88, come and take the challenge and be amazed how 10 minutes can change your riding pleasure and safety forever…

Learn To Ride

Just got your first bike? Want to lose those pesky stabilisers? Never tried a bike before? Our Learn to Ride sessions usually has new riders active within 20 minutes. Our experienced coaches will support, encourage and enable new riders into the amazing world of cycling. Let us show you the way in our free 30 minute sessions at 10am for adults and 11 and 12 for under 12s.


If you can walk, chances are it’s time to try our awesome Strider bikes. Light enough to be ridden by the smallest riders and big enough for big smiles and fun, our strider bike fleet awaits our under 5 wanabee riders around our fun circuit with games and challenges along the way.

Dr Bike

Flat tyre, squeaky chain, rubbing brakes. Arghhhhhh! It’s enough to drive you nuts and leave the bike in the shed forever. Don’t let your bike stop you from riding today. We have teamed up with the mechanics at Great Yarmouth Bike Project to offer free bike health checks and free minor repairs all day from 10am-3.30pm. Better still, we can show you how to check your bike and perform basic maintenance yourself saving yourself £££££’s and making sure a dodgy bike never becomes your reason to skip a bike ride again.

Electric Dreams

Forget everything you have ever heard about electric bikes. Forget the fiddly wheels and wiring, forget the constant recharging and frequent gremlins. Laugh at the suggestion that e-bikes are only for the elderly or those who are too lazy to pedal. Things have changed.

The new generation of pedal crank based e-bikes don’t just rewrite the cycling rule book they have their own rule book! Simply select the amount of oomph you want on the dashboard, pedal and the bike will top up your pedalling power until you reach your cruising speed. Stop pedalling and all support is withdrawn. As the road rises or the wind blows you will still be cruising at your selected speed as long as you keep pedalling and play your part. You can expect up to 60 supported miles on a charge and you’ll still get a good physical workout and feel great afterwards. It’s proper cycling with all the bad bits shaken out.

Don’t believe us? Come and try the range of e-bikes from our friends at Pedal Revolution on the flat smooth Promenade or tackle the mighty Gorleston ravine to see the difference. We have top road, commuting, leisure and mountain bikes from Giant, Trek and Felt for you to experience this new and exciting world of cycling. You won’t be disappointed…

For more infomation about the event, visit Active Norfolk’s website

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