Staff bikes 1 – Luke and his tough commuter!

Staff bikes!
We are often asked what we ride so we thought we should share some of our bikes with you and talk about why we chose them.
This is Luke, one of our workshop mechanics and a pretty dedicated cyclist! Lets dive in:

Q. What type of riding did you need a bike for?
A. I wanted a bike to commute to work on so it needed to have mudguards and wide tyres.

Q. What is the bike and why did you choose it?
A. Its a Trek Checkpoint ALR 4… ? womens. I preferred the colourway on the women’s model! The bike was perfect for commuting with wide clearances, fat tyres and mounts so I could fit mudguards for a comfortable ride to work.

Q. Why did you opt for this build?
A. I wanted a hard wearing commuter bike and the ALR 4 comes with a full Shimano Tiagra Groupset with hydraulic disc brakes. Tiagra is reliable, hard wearing and cost effective to replace components when it wears out (my commute is a fair distance!). The aluminium frame is lightweight, handles really well and again is very durable making it ideal for my commute.

Q. What have you fitted to this?
A. Wide mudguards, a mens saddle (the womens saddle wasn’t great for me!) and a 700 lumen front light with two rear rechargeable lights, I always have two lights as there is nothing worse than having a battery die on you half way home and having to ride with no rear light… I learnt this the hard way!?
Thanks Luke!

What do you all think of this? Would you like to see more posts like this?

We are planning to do this every few days with a member of staff and their bike, most of us have more than one so we can feature quite a few from some top end weapons to some economical cruisers.

If you like this idea, have a comment or want to see something else, pop over to our Facebook page and drop a comment, we would love to have your feedback (!

If you like the look of the Trek Checkpoint you can view the full range of them here (including the new ALR 4 2021 version – now a unisex model much to Lukes dismay ?):

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